I will never forget how so full of confidence and daring Mr. Dayan was during my trial

Mr. Dayan is a man of highest character

Mr. Dayan is a caring and knowledgeable professional …

… It was only through his own sheer determination and his compelling presentation in court … he proved my innocents

Albert does have this daring genius for dealing with the impossible

He was able to turn everything he handled into complete victory against vast odds.

He comforted himself on trial with remarkable tenacity and consistency.

Mr. Dayan whole-heartedly took on the offensive in proving my innocence.

Albert saved my life.  He dismissed the entire indictment for me on a skillfully written motion to dismiss.

He is highly professional, creative and adept of what he does

I would strongly recommend him on cases where result matters.

He is practical, conscientious, prepared, well spoken and true...

A True Advocate

… Diligent, meticulous and simply a hardworking lawyer.

In dismissing my federal indictment, Mr. Dayan was able to achieve the impossible.

It was his energy, strength, courage and honesty, which most strongly appealed to me and later to the jury that acquitted me.

His motions on my case was scholarly.  He dismissed for me the entire indictment and saved my life.

In dismissing the indictment, he accomplished for me what no one else even envisioned as possible.

In court he was a towering shield by our side.

Mr. Dayan won my trial…. His qualifications are amazing.

On my trial, Albert did the impossible …  Not Guilty

On trial, Mr. Dayan was superior to anyone I have seen in Real Life, in Theatre, in Cinema or on Court TV.

A gifted lawyer.  He believed in me when no one else did.   He proved my innocence...

He is bright, energetic, informed and no-nonsense straightforward individual.

… In an incredible achievement, Mr. Dayan did even better for me than I hoped for.

I trusted my life, the lives of hundreds of my employees and reputation of my company to one name, Albert Y. Dayan … He saved our company and the livelihood of hundreds of individuals who depended on their income.

He has knowledge combined with innovation.

I was inspired with hope by his knowledge of the law and his will to fight for me.

In our case, which resulted in a loss of life, Mr. Dayan displayed this perfect combination of a power lawyer and a compassionate human being.

… He is just a Natural at what he does…

Albert’s qualifications are incredible but true.

His genius and empathy put it all together – deliberately he saved my life and the lives of my co-defendants.

His great in-court presentation is surpassed only by his preparation.

It gives me great satisfaction to recommend Mr. Albert Dayan to anyone seeking an extremely knowledgeable criminal attorney…

His hard work and respect in the courtroom had ended with the victory.  I would highly recommend him.

Mr. Dayan is amazing in the courtroom.

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