Client References

          All references included here are from former clients and their contact information is available upon request. Also you can send us your reference by using this form.

“… Mr. Dayan was amazing in the courtroom, on both of my trials.  It was surreal to watch him on trial, so passionately fighting for my life.  It was his intelligence, energy and  hard knocks that saved my life twice.  He beat two different  jury trials for me when I practically had no shot of walking out of the courtroom on either”.  Mr. E. G.

“Mr. Dayan is a man of highest character.  He was able to dismiss an overwhelming indictment for me and saved my medical career. Mr. Dayan is pure and elevated.  But he is also a tactical genius”.    DR. E.H.

“…Mr. Dayan dismissed for me the indictment without a trial.  The judge in my case treated Mr. Dayan with the highest respect and admiration, and that too gave much relief from the stressful litigation process”. Dr. L.M. 

“ Albert is a caring and knowledgeable professional.  He demonstrated great responsiveness to my personal cause at a very difficult time in my career and life… I am internally grateful to him”.  Dr. M.V.

“Mr. Dayan dismissed a very serious criminal case for me and saved my career.  Speaking of my experience with Mr. Dayan and his abilities, it was obvious to me that he owes these advantages not only to nature,  which had endowed him with her gifts, but also to hard work”.   DR. G.V.

“Mr. Dayan is gifted with truest eloquence--not that eloquence of which mere grace is the main design, but the power of saying those things, which stir people’s feelings and shape their judgment—Astonishingly, he was able to convince two federal judges in my case to dismiss two federal indictments over intense governmental opposition…” Mr. B.P.    

“I will never forget how so full of confidence and daring Mr. Dayan was during my trial.  He always entered the courtroom with the greatest determination and energy, he comported himself on trial with remarkable tenacity, cunning and consistency. So intelligent and energetic were his efforts on trial that the jury quickly and rightfully came back with “not guilty” verdict on all counts”.  Mr. John M.

“Albert does have this daring genius for dealing with the impossible…He dismissed a U.S. indictment and expunged an extradition warrant while my brother and his wife were detained in Canada.  He did this when all the other attorneys said it could not be done… We are all proud of Albert.”  Mrs. N.M.

“I was a defendant, wrongfully identified and accused of a crime I did not commit. I felt  crushed when I was offered 12 years on a plea.  But Mr. Dayan, whole-heartedly took on the offensive in proving my innocence.  He is not only a great lawyer he is also a great man.”  Mr. E.I. and Mr. A.R.

“The system, unfortunately, is so deaf and blind that when I was indicted no one wanted to believe in my innocence…But only through his own sheer determination and powerful presentations in court, Albert was able to prove my innocence.  Mr. D.P. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )

“I was alone in this country indicted on a major federal indictment.  Both my parents were deceased when I was a child.  I had no guidance and made foolish mistakes.  When I was indicted in federal court the whole world came down on me. I had nowhere to turn for help and I had no resources and no family to turn to.  Except of course for Mr. Dayan.  What a decent individual he is.  He worked for me like I paid him a million dollars, although I had nothing and could pay nothing.  Mr. Dayan was able to convince the federal Judge not to place me in prison despite probation department’s and prosecution recommendation for a lengthy prison term…Thanks Albert!”   Mr. Godolov

“…during the course of my litigation process I had come to the realization that I had never seen in one man the combined spirit of skillful command of everything around him and at the same time have the highest respect and curtsey for every one.  Dayan has substantive knowledge.  He has integrity.  His character is stern but noble.  He is deep, original, bold and compelling as a speaker.  He is bold beyond anyone I know, but he is not rash.”  Stern and Noble.

“Gauged by the work Albert had to do on my case and the trial, the incriminating evidence he encountered…and the means at his availability, in my opinion, he is ideal for trial.  He was able to turn all he handled into a complete victory against vast odds.  He was prepared in advance for everything.  It was brilliant because he made it look so natural and effortless.”  Mr. A.S.

“My money laundering case was published in almost every newspaper in New York.  But despite that, I didn’t want to plead guilty and I did not want to go to trial.  And I was not going to cooperate…Mr. Dayan dismissed the entire indictment for me on a brilliantly written motion to dismiss…He is a “Special” Attorney.  He was able to see and analyze farther into the case than any one else. He achieved the ultimate result for me of dismissal without trial.”  Mr. & Mrs. M.I.

“Though occupied on such complex and high profile litigation matters, Mr. Dayan was able to devote his professional time for my son’s case on pro-bono basis.  He won an unwinnable trial for us.  I truly believe that he is here to do G-D’s work…Great Man.  I am forever grateful to him for my son’s life.”  Mrs. Furman

“Albert dismissed an indictment for me and protected my career.  Great lawyer. Great professional.  Knows what he is doing and backs up what he  says.  Would strongly recommend him.”  Dr. P.M.

“On my federal case Albert demonstrated excellent writing skills and  presentation in court.  He is highly professional, creative and extremely adept at what he does.  But more importantly, he is straightforward and will tell it to you how it is. He is, in my opinion, one of a kind as a lawyer”   Mr. D.M.

“In my situation when my office contacted Mr. Dayan, he had to immediately react to an ongoing grand jury investigation.  He is practical, conscientious, prepared, well spoken and reliable.  Excellent defensive lawyer.  I would stand by my recommendation of Mr. Dayan.”  Dr. E.S.

“Mr. Dayan dismissed a very serious federal indictment for me.  He is a first-rate lawyer…He is an exceptionally effective negotiator and he was obviously well respected by the prosecutors and the judge…Albert is a True Advocate.”   Ms. V. N.

“Albert is diligent, meticulous  and simply a hard working lawyer…The Federal Judge in my case treated Mr. Dayan with considerable respect and commented on several occasions about Mr. Dayan’s great quality of work on paper and in court.”  Dr. B.S.