Client References

          All references included here are from former clients and their contact information is available upon request. Also you can send us your reference by using this form.

“I was indicted and prosecuted in federal court for cyber theft.  The evidence against me was overwhelming.  Prison was the only way out of the situation.  Mr. Dayan did the impossible.  Without cooperation, he convinced the federal judge to sentence me to probation.  Mr. Dayan exhibited exceptional creativity in avoiding prison for me.  As an attorney, he is excellent and compassionate...and he will tell you how it is and what could be done.  Would strongly recommend him.”  Ms. I. P. 

“I was prosecuted from both sides, federal and state.  Criminal prosecutors in conjunction with a very large U.S. based law firm went after me at the same time.    It was only do to Mr. Dayan’s resourcefulness and his well-designed litigation process, that both cases against me were resolved with no criminal conviction.  Mr. Dayan is Excellent and Honorable.”  Mr. G.S.

“I was the lead defendant in a major white callar crime case.  Now, after the case against me is over, there is so much good I can tell you about Mr. Dayan. Even tough there were about fifteen other attorneys involved in our case, only one attorney was responsible for putting it all together.  That attorney was Mr. Dayan.  His genius and empathy put it all together.   Deliberately, he  saved my life and the lives of my co-defendants.”  Mr. R.S. 

“Albert dismissed the entire enterprise corruption indictment for me in satisfaction of one simple misdemeanor and conditional discharge…Albert is a straightforward and honest individual.  His great in-court presentation is surpassed only by his hard work in preparation.”  Ms. N.S.

“I have been in the health care industry for almost thirty years and have worked with many healthcare attorneys and other professionals.  But when my company and I were investigated and prosecuted by state and federal authorities for health care fraud, I trusted my life, the lives of hundreds of my employees and the reputation of my company to one name, Albert Y. Dayan.  He has knowledge combined with innovation.  He avoided the indictment through timely and effective negotiations and litigation. He saved our company and the livelihood of hundreds of individuals who depend on their income.”
 Mr. V.K.

“Mr. Dayan dismissed all thirteen counts of identity theft against me.   He was resolute on achieving for me the ultimate result of dismissal, regardless of how many times we went to court to get it.  He just would not give up.”
Mr. Sergei Sukhalovsky

“Mr. Dayan is a very good lawyer and a very decent man.  In our highly publicized case he followed through to the end despite many obstacles.  He keeps his word.”  Mrs. V.G

“I was indicted on a major federal cocaine charge with mandatory 120-month detention.  Since this was not my first drug conviction, every lawyer I had seen at the Metropolitan Correctional Facility told me point blank that 120 months was the mandatory minimum unless I cooperated.  But I could not cooperate.  When I first met Mr. Dayan, he had outlined for me an idea, and I was inspired with it and his will to fight.  Mr. Dayan delivered on his idea.  I got substantially less than the statutory minimum without cooperation. He did for me what every other attorney told me was not possible.”    Mr. Ryan Rosado

“On my major and highly publicized drug case, Mr. Dayan delivered the ultimate result.  I was facing mandatory 3 and a half  to life.  He beat it for me.  It took a long time but he never gave up. He really worked hard and he cared.  The judge had outmost respect for Mr. Dayan personally and for his qualifications.  I strongly recommend Mr. Dayan.”    Mr. Mike S. 

“I was indicted for possession of two kilos of cocaine and a loaded firearm.  I had to admit that all of the contraband belonged to me for the sake of my family who was subject to arrest and prosecution unless I would make the admission.  With absolutely no cooperation, Mr. Dayan got me four months instead of twenty-five years and with no other supervisory conditions.”  Mr. V.K.

“In our case, which resulted in a loss of a life, Mr. Dayan was highly compassionate to both the accused and the victim’s family. He worked conscientiously in establishing defendant’s innocence while at the same time  protecting the integrity of the victim and the victim’s family.  He displayed this perfect combination of a power lawyer and a great human being.” Mr. Mark M.

“Mr. Dayan is a world class individual.  He is kind and gracious, but he is also tough.  He handled a very serious criminal case for my wife and me.  And I referred several other matters to Albert.  He is just a Natural at what he does.  There is no pretentiousness in him.  He is very real.” Oleg and Rita

“…If I was convicted, life in prison was inevitable.    Mr. Dayan came to my rescue.  A great lawyer with nerves of steel and a heart of gold.  In and out of court, he is hard-hitting but smooth. He saved my life on more than one occasion.” Mr. Derek M.

“It gives me great satisfaction to recommend Mr. Albert Dayan to anyone seeking an extremely knowledgeable criminal attorney that knows how to deal with complex issues that can arise in the court setting.  Mr. Dayan is meticulous and detail oriented and his paperwork  is so complete that it leaves no room for  disputes from other attorneys.  He was the only attorney, and I had consulted with many, that had agreed to take on my difficult case. And to fight for me.  His hard work and respect in the courtroom had ended with a positive outcome for my family and me.  I would highly recommend him….” Mrs. and Mr. Madry

“I would strongly endorse Albert Y. Dayan…Mr. Dayan expeditiously composed an excellent legal brief, argued perfectly in court and delivered the result.  My brother’s conviction was overturned.  Mr. Dayan’s qualifications are incredible but true…He is smart, responsible, to the point and fair.” Ms. Domatov. 

“As a retired detective and currently a private investigator of twenty years, I had the privilege of witnessing several of Mr. Dayan’s litigation processes and trials.  In my opinion, his work product, from inception leading to the verdict, is always a consummate peace of art, having no superior, few equal, litigators I have seen.”  Mr. Vernon Phipps

“…With any other lawyer I would have coped out, because of the horrific prospect of serving almost the rest of my life in prison if I was convicted.  But when I met Albert, it was his energy, strength, vigor and courage, which most strongly appealed to me and later to the jury that acquitted me… He knew just when to mix forceful persuasion with compassionate dialogue... his dispositions varied as the circumstances varied during the course of my legal ordeal…He is a miracle.”  Mr. M.S.

“I have several experiences with Albert in his professional capacity.  He is very dedicated to what he does, loyal to his clients, very knowledgeable, excellent negotiator and is always result oriented”  Mr. Alexander Rosengause.