Client References

          All references included here are from former clients and their contact information is available upon request. Also you can send us your reference by using this form.

As a practicing attorney and former client of Mr. Dayan, “ I would recommend him with open arms.”  Mr.  A.B. Esq.

“Years after Mr. Dayan saved my career, I developed a flourishing civil litigation firm.  In my experience with other litigation attorneys, I firmly believe that Albert, like no other attorney I know, has the unique ability to device a grand but sound strategy to win.   His accomplishments in criminal defense are sewed in the combination of his knowledge of law, trial experience and personality.  Please contact my office for more information.”   Mr. V.O. Esq.

“In my federal case, Mr. Dayan was able to achieve the impossible by dismissing a 22- count federal money laundering indictment prior to trial. The result in my case speaks for itself.”  Mr. A. S.

“As a foreign national prosecuted in the United States federal court, I had no one to turn to except for Mr. Dayan. He dismissed the entire federal indictment for me…He did more than was humanly possible… It was truly G-D’s work.”   
Ms. Natalia  

“Mr. Dayan, systematically organized and presented all the evidence in my federal case in such a way that prosecutors had no choice but to dismiss the entire case against me.  Mr. Dayan is very thorough and convincing and it was obvious to me that prosecutors respect his abilities.”  F.K.

“…When your life is on the line and u need a real lawyer with qualities of dedication, resourcefulness, knowledge, intelligence, personality, grit, eloquence, loyalty and ingenuity, Albert is the One.  As soon as you meet him, you will immediately agree with my assessment…He saved my husband’s life three times.”  Mrs. L. M.

“The indictment charging possession of five guns and distribution of controlled substances with search warrants and informants, appeared to everyone including me as unbeatable.  First, Mr. Dayan went through every legal appellate channel to reduce my initial high bail and he succeeded in having me released.   Thereafter, I witnessed how diligently he worked on my case.  His motions on my case were scholarly…He dismissed for me the entire indictment and he saved my life.  He is truly a great lawyer and a great partner to have in the most difficult time of one’s life.”  Mr. J.B

“I am honored to have been defended by Mr. Dayan.  I was exposed to life in prison.  But when on the eve of trial Mr. Dayan presented our case to the prosecutor and judge, they had to dismiss the indictments against me.  Mr. Dayan was informed and prepared beyond everyone’s expectations, even mine.  His evidence and witnesses were lined up in order. He beat the case before trial began.  Albert is a very good attorney and even better a man.”  Mr. A.B.

“Mr. Dayan is one of a kind Lawyer.  He stood by me and delivered the result in my case by dismissing the indictment.  He is a hard working attorney with an excellent reputation in my business community. Mr. M.S.

“When my whole life and my career were on the line, I turned to Mr. Dayan.  He accomplished for me what no one else even envisioned as possible.  He dismissed the indictment for me in New York Supreme Court despite highly prejudicial media coverage... He really is AWESOME!!!!”  Ms. G.G.

“When it seemed that a life long prison for my son was inevitable, Albert remained by his side all the way through the legal process and he refused to give up.  When it seemed that nothing more could be done, Albert refused to stop pushing.  If it was not for Albert, my son would not be here today...In court he was a towering shield by our side.”  Mr. David Martinez.

“I was indicted on very serious drug charges in New York, with prison exposure of fifteen years to life… Mr. Dayan dismissed the entire indictment for me and my co-defendant...I worked with Mr. Dayan before and after this major case.  He is a top shelf lawyer.  You should consider yourself fortunate if he is your lawyer” Mr. Polt

“Albert dismissed the indictment charging a direct sale of a kilo of cocaine to a government under-cover agent.  It was obvious to me that Albert has superior skills…it was also obvious to me that the entire system, from prosecutors to judges and court personnel, has tremendous respect for him…I am Forever Grateful to Dayan!”   Mr.  Jacob. G.

I have been in civil practice for many years.  Every case I refer to Mr. Dayan, including this one, is a winner.  He is exceptionally qualified in the defense of complex criminal matters.  He is serious, academic and thoughtful…”
Mike Ilyaevich, Esq.

“Not all attorneys can be attorneys and have a heart at the same time.  Albert is an Attorney with feelings.  The kind of work he does is worth much more…”  
Mr. Mark. I.

“During my federal trial, Mr. Dayan was meticulously prepared.  Like no other attorney during the course of the trial, he displayed a remarkable recollection of the content of all the recorded conversations that government had compiled during the course of their investigation.  He relates well with the jury and the court.  I thank Mr. Dayan from the bottom of my heart for giving of your time, your energy, you self.”  Mr. A.M.

“Mr. Dayan won a very serious trial for me where I was facing life in prison.  I am grateful to him for visiting me in jail during the course of the litigation process and preparing with me.  I know that very few other lawyers would have done that.  I want to thank him for saving my life.”  Mr. Arthur S.

Durring the course of my litigation process and trial, Mr. Dayan displayed extraordinary qualities of knowledge, planning and patients.  He  flawlessly accomplished his plan wright at the outset, in his opening statement. He is a genuine lawyer from G-D.  If it was not for Mr. Dayan, I would have been  serving life in prison.  Mr.  S.B. 

“I was on trial on two counts of attempted murder and possession of weapon... I could not take the stand in my defense and I had no witnesses.  But I had Albert on my side.  He took the prosecutor’s set of facts and testimony, that were overwhelmingly against me, and he presented it to the jury in such a dramatically different but truthful way that even the Judge seemed convinced of my innocents.  Not guilty all counts for me thanks to Albert.”  Mr. Harvey Boone.

“No one believed me that I was innocence in a rape case.  But Mr. Dayan did believe me.  He was great on trial.  I witnessed how he prepared into the night during my trial and how deliberate his performance was.  Despite complainant’s fake tears, police and eyewitness testimony, expert testimony and tough prosecution, Mr. Dayan convinced the jury that I was not guilty.  Thank You So Much Albert, for being a real professional.”  Mr. O.P.