Client References

          All references included here are from former clients and their contact information is available upon request. Also you can send us your reference by using this form.

“Mr. Dayan has an immense presence in and out-side the courtroom.  Suave dresser.  Articulate in speech. Charismatic.  He carries himself with dignity and professionalism. He knows how to convey the message in the moment of adversity.”  Mr. Warren Caple

“Mr. Dayan proved my innocence on trial, despite all the evidence pointing to the contrary. His cross-examination of prosecution witnesses is what did it in my case...Thanks Albert.”  Mr. Tsinis

“When I was much younger, I was arrested in three different counties in two different states and all the cases were pending at the same time.  My father, may he rest in peace, hired Albert, a very young lawyer back then but already with a heart of a lion.  My father and I  trusted him completely.  He was our only hope.  Albert proved to be so loyal that today I would trust my own son to him. (Hopefully of course I won’t have to) Mr. A.R. 

“Mr. Dayan Won a very complex trial for me.  The jury came back in 15 minutes with not guilty verdict on all counts.  I am sorry to say that at times I was very upset because the process to trial seemed too long.  But, as soon as the trial started I realized that I was completely wrong.  And that Albert knew exactly what he was doing.  Albert was FANTASTIC on my trial.  Mr. Lev G.

“After Mr. Dayan won my trial, I cannot put in words the gratitude I feel for him; it will be lost in translation.  The feeling I have for him is one of real appreciation...His qualifications are amazing…He is the brightest lawyer I have ever worked with.”

“On my trial, Albert did the impossible.  He convinced a Judge, not the jury, that I was innocence.  Albert was so good on trial, that after his cross-examination and summation, I remember even the prosecutor exclaiming that even he developed doubts about my guilt.  I was really innocence.”

“On trial, I didn’t think I had a chance do to the overwhelming prejudicial effect created by a victim of youthful age.  The prosecutor was also tough.  But Mr. Dayan handled the situation remarkably and got the acquittal.  He got our point across with a clear balance between fighting a tough prosecutor and handling a sympathetic witness…”

“Mr. Dayan is a Great trial lawyer.  Extremely communicative and prepared on trial.  Worked hard to prepare me for testimony and excruciating cross-examination by the prosecutor.  I was found not guilty on all counts.  I remember  Judge commenting after the trial that Mr. Dayan did an excellent job.”

“Mr. Dayan really handled himself exceptionally professional on my trial.  His cross-examination of the complaining witness was so efficient that the judge acquitted me after trial on all counts. Later in life, I recommended my own brother to Mr. Dayan on a major embezzlement case and Mr. Dayan dismissed that case too.  Mr. Dayan is a the best lawyer, why else would I recommend my own brother to him.”  Mr. Gull.

“My case was tough.  Therefore, I needed a tough lawyer.  I was innocence and I wanted to go to trial.  Mr. Dayan gave an excellent presentation on my trial.  He is detail oriented and personable in court.  I was acquitted.  Would strongly recommend Mr. Dayan.” 

.    I am a former professional boxer and I was on a federal trial charged with extortion.  This time I was fighting for my life.  Everyone said that in federal court I didn’t have a shot to win on trial.  I was offered approximately ten years on a plea.  Mr. Dayan was exceptionally organized and intense with passion on my trial.  It was like I was watching him in a ring fighting against all odds against a powerful federal prosecution.  He has substance, but he is also artful.  
Mr.  Yegeny Okonsky

“On trial for my brother, Mr. Dayan was superior to any one I have ever seen in real life, in theater, in cinema or on Court TV.  If I would not have seen the trial with my own eyes, I would not have believed that such trial performance was possible.”    Mr. Ilyasov 

“I heard that even a ham sandwich can get indicted…But, Mr. Dayan proved what seemed not possible to the Grand Jury, specifically that the officer lied and my husband was completely innocence.  Grand Jury voted to dismiss all charges and we received monetary compensation for wrongful arrest and prosecution.  Mr. Dayan was methodical in his presentation of evidence.  I am very grateful to Dayan.”  Mrs. A.S.

“Wrongfully accused by a police officer, I had no way out except for G-D’s intervention.  G-D’s instrument was Albert Y. Dayan.  Albert is a gifted lawyer.  He believed in me and proved my innocence.”  Mr. Boris.B.

“My friends and I were arrested and prosecuted for a serious crimes that we did not commit.  We were offered five years in jail on a plea.   But for Mr. Dayan’s excellent preparation and presentation of evidence to the Grand Jury, we would have surely been indicted, innocent or not.  We are all grateful to Mr. Dayan.”  Mr. Lee

“Every one in my highly publicized federal case was sentenced to incarceration, even testifying government cooperators.  Pursuant to my federal plea agreement, I was facing 97 to 120 months of incarceration.  However, I received straight probation because my lawyer was Albert Y. Dayan.  I know that Mr. Dayan was the exclusive reason for my non-jail  sentence because the federal judge said so to me on the record.  The judge said to me in open court that “the only reason you are not going to prison is because of Mr. Dayan’s eloquent presentation…”  The Judge continued to say that “ …I took the bench today with intentions of sentencing you to prison…but I will not because of your attorney’s eloquent presentation”.  Thank you Mr. Dayan for your immeasurable efforts, your great work ethics and the result.  I always recommend Albert Y. Dayan.”   Mr. Vinakur

“I was one of lead defendants on a multi-million-dollar federal fraud case.  Trial for me was not an option.  Prison for me was not an option.  Cooperation for me was Not an option.  Albert accomplished it.  He obtained for me probation in a major federal case…He is extremely result oriented and did not quit until the job was done… I rightfully selected Mr. Dayan as my lawyer… He is bright, energetic, informed and a no-none-sense straightforward individual.  The federal judge always treated Mr. Dayan with the greatest respect and on the record described Mr. Dayan as a highly professional attorney.”  Mr.  N.P.

“Mr. Dayan has vision.  From the first day when we met, I presented him with an insurmountable task of getting probation in a multi-million dollar federal fraud case with no cooperation.  But in an incredible achievement, Mr. Dayan did even better for me than I hoped for.  His sentencing memorandum was a work of art.  I received a federal conditional discharge despite probation department’s recommendation for a substantial time for  incarceration.”  Mr. Faraje Sadaka

“I will never forget how the federal judge in my case said to me that based on my plea I was facing eighty years of incarceration, (yes, 80 years)… But I was not going to even think about cooperation.   G-D and Mr. Dayan were my only hope.  I served about 12 months.  Many of my associates used other attorneys and, if result is indication of quality of craftsmanship, than there is no one better than Mr. Dayan.  He  is an expert at what he does.  The quality of his work is highly superior compared to other cases I know of.”   Mr.  I.Z.

“The fact that Dayan advised me to work out a deal on my dreadful indictment, and not tri the case, do to a single incriminating factor that only he was able to notice, was a decided proof of his ability.  But he was still able to turn my dire situation to gold.  He dismissed all the felony charges against me and saved my career…I would gladly recommend Mr. Dayan”.  Dr. L.U.